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updates stories and pictures

hye fellow stalker and bloggers .. dah lame wawa tak update stories here. 
begin stories here --> 12-15 April hari tu wawa pergi UIAM , Gombak . wawa belangkas dengan Dayah and Shiera je.. on first day menjejakkan kaki ke UIAM , i feel OMG .. this is feel of university .. I feel good !! .. haha. time session ice breaking , wawa , dayah and shiera on group 'carta hati' .. fasilititator kami abg Zary and kak Farah .. owsem and sporting faci we had . on second day , we had trip to SMK Darul Ehsan .. the best school and sporting student .. we love them. after that we go to Muzium Negara .. on that evening , we got an assignment for the culture night . the title is 'Penang Menjerit' .. we got an idea to make sketsa.. on the culture night a act as makcik jual pasembur .. hey . what type of character ? hate that , but they said I had do it very well with slanga Penang piaww !! ... haha . thanx to faci too yg banyak give some ideas to us and our group in 2nd place .. group paling agresif .. perghh. best awards . 

on the way from KL to Penang by bus .. I went to my home at 5.45 p.m .. on that nite, I receive letter from SPA (suruhanjaya perkhidmatan awam) i got interview on 26 April at Ipoh as nurse . OMG .. how should I do ? ignore it or go interview ? maybe i will try go to interview first ..

so wish me luck guys .. may god bless you

my new picxa for you :)

big boss,
wanda anderlina :)